Video Surveillance is growing industry that provides a need and sense of protection in many industries and applications. Our end-to-end surveillance solution design and implementation is customized to each customer's needs and provides benefits for business owners, managers, and employees.

IP Camera

Emtek's high level dealer status allows our customers opportunity to receive best valued IP Cameras at a competitive price point. This includes completely new system design, as well as, retrofitting to existing system. Emtek has established relationship with IP Camera manufactures such as Axis, Pelco, Sony, Samsung, Honeywell, Canon, Hikvision, GeoVision, Speco and many more.

Video Management Software

We offer complete implementation and configuration of our customers choice of video management software (VMS). VMS software allows the system to collect, record, and store video from the associated cameras. With ever increasing technology offerings, these VMS can be utilized with different configurations and analytics to tailor to each customer's needs and requirements.

Video Surveillance System Management

As businesses demands grow, Emtek provides a service to effectively manage your surveillance system so you don't have to. We provide a direct route in reporting problems, troubleshooting, repairing, providing recordings, finding video markers, changing configuration details, monitoring system health, add/ remove users, and user permissions.


A Complete Solution

Many providers will gladly sell you a camera, or help you handle a certain aspect of the projects that your business faces. But what makes Emtek different is that we provide a complete solution for all of your needs. As we all know, deploying a surveillance system in your organization is more complex than just throwing some cameras on the walls. Emtek is able to coordinate the installation along with your existing IT, security and business infrastructure. Emtek has designers on staff that understand the broader implications of bringing surveillance to you and your team.