Alarm Systems

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We want to make sure all our customers buildings are as secure as possible. That's why we install the best Honeywell Burglary alarm systems with CCTV and several access control functions. Our alarm systems are also compatible with a range of AlarmNet communication products for alarm reporting, uploading /downloading and remote services.

Features of alarm systems may include:

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  • Door and Window contacts
  • Glass Break, Motion Sensors
  • Photoelectric Beam Detectors


Our monitoring service for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and temp control will provide you with 24-hour coverage nationwide. Our professionally trained workforce is standing by and ready to send help in the event of an emergency. Our two command centers are designed to provide redundancy so we can provide the most extensive and advanced monitoring services in the industry.

  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, power, gas, toxic emissions and more

  • Office, Medical and UL 2050 (Government Classified Facilities) buildings

  • Supervised open/close
  • Open/close log only
  • Timer tests